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Re: Does the freeworld repository exist yet?

> > Being a patriotic and law abiding American, it would be treasonous to my 
> > country's corporate interests to point to such a theoretical repository.
> If you start thinking that way, then free software in general is something
> bad for the US's corporate (financial) interests. Microsoft has the
> quasi-monopoly worldwide in the Operating System field, and market shares
> "lost" towards free software often means less money leaving foreign
> countries to go back to the US, because of local developers, distributors,
> support...

I found this very entertaining:  Naomi Klein made silicon.com's Agenda Setters
2003 list.  http://www.silicon.com/as2003/list43.html

I'm very proud to be yet another anti-corporate, anti-capitalist,
global-justice techie.

> > God bless America and everything it stands for.  I love this country. 
> > Don't you?
> I don't know about Nils (who seems to be Norwegian), to whom you asked
> this, but I know I sure don't love America. And I also don't believe in
> God, so I guess I wouldn't make a good patriot anyhow.
> Getting too much off-topic I guess. Still, if I were American but with the
> European mentality I have, I'd be doing all that is possible to fight
> against the DMCA, software patents, and all their abuses.

Don't forget, the U.S. inherited its corporate fascism from Europe.  Europeans
have just as much of a fight ahead of them as do we Americans.

Viva la revolucion!


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