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Re: xfs initscript enhancements, take 5

> Also...  I think I must not be clued in to something here, but why doesn't
> this script have support for PostScript Type 1 fonts?  Don't they need
> fonts.dir and fonts.scale files?

Er...  Nevermind.  I didn't read your email fully and missed all the parts
about "non-opentype/non-truetype fonts".  *grin*

However, the script still doesn't generate fonts.scale for those "other" fonts.
 And if I'm not incorrect, PostScript Type 1 fonts require fonts.scale, too. 
In any case, I know 'mkfontscale' will put shit about Type 1 fonts into
fonts.scale.  That's sayin' something, at least.

Okay, I'm done now,


PS:  Aren't the other font extensions '.bdf', '.pcf', '.pcf.gz', '.pfa',
'.pfb', '.t1a', '.afm' (other Type 1 extensions include '.mmm' and a few others
I can't remember, but if those are lyin' around, they should have corresponding
'.pfa', '.pfb', or '.t1a' files, I think)?  Why don't you test for those
extensions instead of just test whether or not the directory is empty.  Then
again, I suppose that's a lot o' test-cases, so maybe "directory not empty" is
good enough.  *grin*

PPS:  In the end, I have a feeling that "mkfontdir $d && mkfontscale $d" would
be much better than a bunch of test conditions for TTF vs. OTF vs. Other (at
least, "theoretically".  *smile*

PPPS:  What's so experimental about 'find' instead of 'ls | grep'?

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