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Regarding the Mirror structure and Fedora Legacy

[This was posted to Red Hat's mirror discussion list during a thread about the new Fedora mirror structure. Please do not cross-post replies as the ramifications of the mirror structure will effect all parties, so fedora-devel-list is appropriate for this discussion.]

The current discussion between RH people and the interim Fedora Legacy planning team [1] seems to be that Legacy will not publish packages within the regular Fedora mirror structure. Instead both RH and Legacy want users to consciously change their configurations to point to the new location when a distribution hits the point of EOL, in order to make it clear that the packages are coming from a different source than those officially published and supported by RH the company.

I personally really dislike this as I had hoped that Legacy would simply publish packages within the same directory, making it easy for the users and system administrators. Despite some protests from irrational people like me, it seems that the distribution system will need to be separate. There is already discussion about Pogo Linux supplying the server infrastructure for Legacy to be hosted somewhere in the Seattle area.

Given the separateness of the repositories, the setup and transition as well as choosing of mirrors for both regular Fedora and Legacy would be eased by a theoretical GUI/TUI program that downloads a GPG signed list of official mirrors, and allows the administrator to choose. I hope that we can work on such a program for the future of Fedora.

Fedora Legacy discussion list

Warren Togami
warren togami com

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