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Re: xfs initscript enhancements, take 5

On Thu, 9 Oct 2003, Derek P. Moore wrote:

>> +            if ls | grep -iqs "\.tt[cf]$" ; then
>> +               # TrueType fonts found, generate fonts.scale and fonts.dir
>>                 ttmkfdir -d . -o fonts.scale
>>                 mkfontdir . &>/dev/null
>>                 [ -e fonts.dir ] && chmod 644 fonts.scale fonts.dir
>>              fi
>> +            if ls | grep -iqs "\.ot[cf]$" ; then
>> +               # Opentype fonts found, generate fonts.scale and fonts.dir
>> +               mkfontscale .
>> +               mkfontdir . &>/dev/null
>> +               [ -e fonts.dir ] && chmod 644 fonts.scale fonts.dir
>> +            fi
>This script is fine and dandy assuming TTF and OTF fonts are in seperate

Correct, but that isn't a problem because you would be incredibly 
hard pressed to get both ttf and otf fonts working on your system 
if you installed them into the same directory.  XFree86.org 
originally installed both TTF and OTF fonts into the same dir, 
until it was learned that this broke horribly, then they 
separated them out.

So, for XFree86 4.3.0 at least, each font type MUST be in a 
directory which contains only fonts of that same type.  There may 
be some exceptions to that perhaps if one was to exhaustively 
test all possible combinations, but the exceptions don't make the 
rule.  If people put one font type in each directory only, there 
are no problems, so that is the only configuration officially 

That is ugly of course, and so I hope to see future improvements 
that permit all fonts to live in one huge directory if desired.  
That's a ways off though IMHO, at least for core fonts.

>However, if even one OTF file occurs in the same directory as TTF
>files, the 'fonts.scale' of 'ttmkfdir' will be overwritten by 'mkfontscale'. 
>...  Which is fine, I suppose.  If there /really/ is an important difference
>between 'ttmkfdir' and 'mkfontscale', it might be useful to be conscious of
>this particular "gotcha".

Yep, I'm conscious of that.  ;o)  XFree86.org has clearly stated
"that isn't supported" so it isn't something Red Hat installation
will ever do, and a user that does it kills their own
installation.  ;o)

>Also...  I think I must not be clued in to something here, but
>why doesn't this script have support for PostScript Type 1
>fonts?  Don't they need fonts.dir and fonts.scale files?

XFree86 has never shipped with a tool to generate fonts.scale for 
Type1 fonts.  The files are hand edited presumeably and provided 
in the sources.  There was a tool called type1inst which was not 
part of XFree86, however I don't recall the story on that tool.  
I presume it sucked because it's never been shipped and nobody 
seems to use it out there.  mkfontscale supports Type1 fonts 
however, and unless Owen objects, I would like to add support to 
the xfs initscript to handle Type1 fonts also for the future.  
It's kind of late in our development cycle for this kind of 
change though, so it will have to wait until the next 
distribution development cycle opens up.  I think this could 
potentially solve a number of problems people occasionally 

One way to avoid most of the problems that currently exist, is to
never ever put any of your own fonts into font directories which
are provided with the distribution and populated with fonts that 
come with the distribution.  The exceptions are the XFree86 
"local" directory, and /usr/share/fonts and ~/.fonts

It's best to make your own new dirs and add them to the relevant 
config files IMHO.

This will of course improve each release until we have font 
sanity in OSSland.  ;o)

Mike A. Harris     ftp://people.redhat.com/mharris
OS Systems Engineer - XFree86 maintainer - Red Hat

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