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Re: Regarding the Mirror structure and Fedora Legacy

Warren Togami wrote:
> The current discussion between RH people and the interim Fedora Legacy
> planning team [1] seems to be that Legacy will not publish packages 
> within the regular Fedora mirror structure. Instead both RH and Legacy
> want users to consciously change their configurations to point to the
> new location when a distribution hits the point of EOL, in order to 
> make it clear that the packages are coming from a different source 
> than those officially published and supported by RH the company.

Are there lurking trademark issues here as well...with regard to using
"Fedora" to describe what "legacy" is. I'm not sure if this plan for
Fedora Legacy, falls within the current Trademark Guidelines for the
mark "Fedora." Simply put...can it even be called "Fedora Legacy" under
the currently stated trademark guidelines, if it has a separate
distribution structure?

-jef"nothing beats a new pair of shoes...especially when they are steel
toed, and water-proof, and the government pays for them"spaleta

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