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Ugly main menu icon

OK, figured out what is going on with the blurry main menu icon:

 - Panel thinks that the main menu icon is going to be themed
   by the stock icon mechanism

 - We don't want the main menu icon themed, so we don't put
   it in Bluecurve.

 - The way that the default icon is set for the stock icon
   is that the panel  looks up the icon at size 24 in the 
   current *icon* theme. 

 - That used to find only the 48 pixel variant, but Garrett just 
   added 16,24,36 variants of the icon, so => extreme ugliness.

I think if we just hack the panel to look up the icon at
a very large size, it should fix this pretty well - 

-   filename = gnome_desktop_item_find_icon (
-                 panel_icon_theme, stock_icons [i].icon, icon_height, 0);
+   filename = gnome_desktop_item_find_icon (
+                 panel_icon_theme, stock_icons [i].icon, 1000, 0);

it may, in a few cases, mean that we scale down rather than
using the right size icons, but for anything actually in Bluecurve
it won't matter, since it will go through the normal GTK+ stock
icon size look up mechanisms.

And we'll never scale up that way.

Of course, what the panel is doing is fundamentally broken .. it
needs to decide whether these icons are being themed through:

 - The GTK+ stock icon system
 - The named icon theme system

Not mix the two together in some fashion. But fixing that would take
more work, and probably is best done upstream for GNOME-2.6. 
(For GNOME-2.6 we have named icons in GTK+ and sane stock-icon/
named-icon integration.)


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