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Re: artwork project

Garrett LeSage wrote:
G Henry wrote:
Gimp is tough going sometimes, as it's all over the place (My opinion), I was
just wondering if there were some I haven't heard of.

For Linux, basically, there's GIMP and only GIMP.

You might find a copy of Corel's PhotoPAINT! somewhere. Not too bad.

It's actually a great program, once you get used to the quirks. I've been using it for a number of years now (since around 1995 really).

The way I cope with the GIMP's UI is by opening it on its own virtual

Whay UI are you comparing it too? Have you used Photoshop on the Mac? Mayny *nix /X applications?

You should try Cadence tools, or SmarTest for HP-UX for some real interesting UI's.

workspace and using sloppy focus. I also have a few custom keybindings to often used things to help speed up the process (and to avoid the multi-nested right-mouse menus a little bit).

Do you have a solution for the nested menus? One long menu doesn't work.


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