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Too many bugs [was Re: up2date failing dependencies window toobig!!!]

Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

> Unfortunately there are too many bugs in bugzilla that never get
> fixed.  Any way to open things a bit more so that we dumb users
> can fix trivial things?  Submitting patches is one step toward
> that.  Maybe bugzilla should send list of inactive open bugs to
> the list every night :D

Or another way to look at it...there are too many open bugs for
developers to keep up with without some help. Things like duplicate
bugs, and bugs that are open where developers are waiting for basic
technical feedback like tracebacks or lspci output. Everytime a
developer has to go into bugzilla and read a duplicate bug and mark it,
or has to write a simple "please provide an lspci outout" that's less
time for developers have close bugs that are fixable.

This left over up2date bug is just another symptom of the
problem...developer time is a premium. What we as a community can ask is
how we can help the developers use their time more effectively. And i
think that starts with an active, fruitful discussion on how we can use
something like Gnome's bug triage idea....to have technically proficient
users in this community, work to keep bugzilla in shape. 



-jef"but first we need to create a Fedora logo...to put on the
t-shirts...that we use as prizes...for Fedora Bug Day"spaleta

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