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Re: bugzilla & triage : Re: up2date failing dependencies window toobig!!!

Jeremy Portzer wrote:
> ...
> Well, there is talk of setting up more external CVS repositories so
> outside developers can get better access.   But still, "dumb users" who
> aren't developers should use Bugzilla to report the problems.  It's the
> only way things can be tracked and remembered.
> Regarding large numbers of open bugs, I liked Jef Spaleta's proposal of
> a triage system.   Unfortunately, no one commented on his message:
> http://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-list/2003-October/msg00180.html

I overlooked the post at the time because of the reading required.
(Sorry, Jef! :-)  I've rectified that now.

The overall concept seems to be quite a good one and one that should be
applied to Fedora.  The important thing to learn from the gnome folks, i
think, is to be organised about getting responsibility taken for bugs
that have been entered, or to put it another way, to take bugs about our
distribution personally.  :-)

One possibility that they don't seem to have mentioned is to have the
bug squad members be the default bug owners for different components.
That way the bugs could be checked and passed on before they reach the
stage of bogging the developers down.

I for one would be ready to be the default recipient for selected
components that are close to my heart, like jpilot, or shorewall when it
gets in ;-).

I see that one of the advantages of Fedora will be that some of us can
act as go-betweens for the developers and the distribution, working to
facilitate the best possible distribution support for the projects.

A: Because we read from top to bottom, left to right.
Q: Why should i start my reply below the quoted text?

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