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Re: [RFC] Better font filetype and metadata file detection for xfsinitscript

Mike A. Harris wrote:
So am I, but any time something changes, I can't contact n random
developers and tell them what chagnes to incorporate into their
packages very easily, and if I make a document and put it
somewhere, I have no guarantee anyone will read it.  I've direct

You did what you could. It's up to the otheres to do their part.
Post the doc, add it to the XF86 rpms with a link to the current version. After that it's up to others to follow.
Just like when any other developer changes a system used by others.
I cna tell you it's changed, but cannot force you to change.
(I still miss the XF86 setup tools. I usually build them myself though.
If someone wrote secondary config tool that required the XF86 versions, it's not your job to fix it. They were told to change, it's up to them to do so.)

There is also a problem where all fonts could theoretically be used by both xfs and also fontconfig/Xft, however we only want the given fonts to be in one or the other of those 2 systems for whatever preferential reasons we have. One example is the Luxi TTF font. Last I checked, we only enable this in core fonts and not in fontconfig, because the Luxi Type1 font is nicer looking in fontconfig than Luxi TTF.

Sounds like the fonts need fixed. The Type1 and TTF version should look the same (within the limits of the format). In the above, the Luxi TTF should be fixed, possibly removed untill it is fixed.


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