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Re: xfs initscript enhancements, take 5

Mike A. Harris wrote:
On Thu, 9 Oct 2003, Derek P. Moore wrote:
This script is fine and dandy assuming TTF and OTF fonts are in seperate

That is ugly of course, and so I hope to see future improvements that permit all fonts to live in one huge directory if desired. That's a ways off though IMHO, at least for core fonts.

I don't see it as ugly. I see it as a good thing. Dumping all fonts into a single directory (ala M$) is a maintance nightmare.

Enforcing the splits, help in the long run. Sure the learning curve is a bit steeper, but that's better than the alternative.

Imagine dumping english and metric screws in one box and trying to find the corect screw to fit a given nut. If the english and metric are seperated, it helps a lot. Your eyes/hands get you close, but distinguishing english and metric is nearly impossible.

Same with finding a given font in a directory full of them. Seperating them in to smaller subsets is needed as long as there is a difference in how/where TTF, OTF, Type1, and others are used.


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