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XFree86 spec file for develoment snapshots ?


	Over time I've hit a few bugs in Rawhide XFree86 that must be fixed
upstream (at least that's what the RH bugzilla entries said). And now
that XFree86 maintainers have been gently convinced to provide regular
source code snapshots they'd like me to test if they fix my problems.

	I'm a bit reluctant however to build an unpackaged XFree86 (blame
previous encounters) so I'd really like to know if someone has a srpm or
a spec file that works with the new XFree86 code drops (you know, like
the experimental rpms mozilla.org used to provide).

	I've taken a peek at the rawhide spec file but I freely admit after
seing patches numbered in the thousands my head began to whirl ;).
Anyhow I feel this kind of packages has a place in future Fedora layout
(in a bloody-unstable repository perhaps) - it could host things like
2.5 kernel rpms, latest gnomehide, rhug, latest experimental moz and so

	There's a lot of packaged stuff out there not dogfoodable enough for


Nicolas Mailhot

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