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Re: XFree86 spec file for develoment snapshots ?

Mike A. Harris wrote:
On Fri, 10 Oct 2003, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:

Over time I've hit a few bugs in Rawhide XFree86 that must be fixed
upstream (at least that's what the RH bugzilla entries said). And now
that XFree86 maintainers have been gently convinced to provide regular
source code snapshots they'd like me to test if they fix my problems.

I'm a bit reluctant however to build an unpackaged XFree86 (blame
previous encounters) so I'd really like to know if someone has a srpm or
a spec file that works with the new XFree86 code drops (you know, like
the experimental rpms mozilla.org used to provide).

I currently do not have a 4.3.99.x src.rpm, however I have been fairly slowly working on one for about a week. I don't have a lot of time to devote to it for about 2-3 weeks, so while waiting for a build to compile and whatnot, I've been test building 4.3.99.x on another machine and getting rid of patches one at a time that are no longer needed. The bigger part of the work will be forward porting patches that are still needed, and isolating small pieces of patches that are mostly unneeded, but which a few bits are still needed.

I think he was asking for more of a easy to remove build of the CVS tree. No RedHat patches. Just what you get if you downloaded and did make world, but that was then used as an RPM payload. That allows easier installation, and removal (when it breaks).

Perhaps with a minimal set of patches to fit the Red Hat/Fedora layout.
Not sure ny more, but there used to be some differeces in the XF86 and Red Hat directory structure. XF86 didn't use /etc/X11/ for everything Red Hat did. I think font locations too.

This is kind of what the current 2.6 kernels from Arjan do. Alan added a rpm target to the kerenl somtime back as well, but I think it was more generic than what Arjan is doing. Several packages include their own spec file already, but XF86 isn't one of them.


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