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Re: rhgb-0.10.2-1

Kevin Worthington (kworthington linuxmail org) said: 
> 1. Is it possible to suppress the initial "console-ish" dmesg, before the graphical interface kicks in?

Boot with 'quiet'.

> 2. Why is there a pause between the bootup, and the graphical login screen? It seems like X kicks out, and then restarts. It seems a little "un-refined", for lack of better words.

gdm/xdm/kdm use a different X server instance.

> 3. Now that there is a nice looking boot up process, what about a nice shutdown process? Are there any plans to make the shutdown/reboot look as nice as the graphical boot up? Would anybody else be interested in something like this?

It's probably better to just speed up shutdown; there's some
obvious things to do here that we'll probably do for the next
cycle. (Top of the list is just not shutting down most services;
let init sort them out.)


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