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Re: XFree86 spec file for develoment snapshots ?

Le ven 10/10/2003 à 21:03, Mike A. Harris a écrit :
> On Fri, 10 Oct 2003, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> >> I think he was asking for more of a easy to remove build of the CVS 
> >> tree. No RedHat patches. Just what you get if you downloaded and did 
> >> make world, but that was then used as an RPM payload. That allows easier 
> >> installation, and removal (when it breaks).
> >
> >Sure - what I need is just a way to test quickly the latest XFree86
> >devel snapshots, see if I can reproduce my bugs, report back in XFree
> >bugzilla and reinstall the rawhide version.
> There isn't any super user-friendly way of doing that though, 
> until it is in RPM format.  The simplest way, is to download Alan 
> Hourihane's driver/module binaries, and install them in a 
> directory on your hard disk such as /usr/local/lib/XFree86/modules-extra

Will explore this then.

> I would much rather limit my initial highly experimental packages 
> to a limited number of people whom I trust can responsibly test 
> the packages and provide me with high quality good/bad feedback 
> and bug reports with as little "useless" reports as possible. 

Can I apply to this list ? At least until my radeon-white & input
problems are solved;)


Nicolas Mailhot

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