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Re: rhgb-0.10.2-1

Paul Iadonisi wrote:
On Fri, 2003-10-10 at 14:25, Kevin Worthington wrote:
2. Why is there a pause between the bootup, and the graphical login screen?
It seems like X kicks out, and then restarts. It seems a little "un-refined",
for lack of better words.
proposal is to have a '--hide-login-screen' (or whatever) option to gdm
so that gdm can start X, but not start the greeter.  Then, rhgb could
easy answer to this with the current initscripts model (as well as other
factors, I'm sure).

What about starting X for rhgb on a different vt, say vt8, as server :1?
Then *DM start X on vt7, server :) as normal. Once rhgb sees gdm up it shuts down.

How many people use multiple servers? How many of them would use rhgb?

My guess is most people who use multiple Xservers wouldn't care to use rhgb, not that there are many that use multiple servers anyway.

Perhaps a config setting for rhgb in that case, to use a different vt/server? Parsing the correct *DM config files seams overkill. If you're ready to configure multiople servers in *DM, you should know enought to configure rhgb too.

-Thomas (who doesn't expect to ever use rhgb anyway)

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