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Re: rhgb-0.10.2-1

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
On Oct 10, 2003, "Bryan W. Headley" <bwheadley earthlink net> wrote:

All of this avoids the real issue: rhgb is incredibly slow. It takes
this thing 6 seconds to appear and put up the panel that says what's
starting up in initscripts. And while it's thrashing, coming up, it's
impeding the startup of other services.

But then, gdm start-up becomes incredibly faster, because all of the
XFree86 code is already in memory!

I agree, but... If you are dealing with corporate standards where they like seeing a graphical image of something (like their logo) other than driver versions/initscript startups, then you'll want to get that blue screen up as fast as possible. It's nice that it's helping gdm's startup time, but that's several seconds in the future :-)

That said, it would be very nice if the time rhgb takes to start up
didn't prevent other init services from getting started.

Put it in the background, immediately. But the other services still deal with the thrashing...

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Bryan W. Headley - bwheadley earthlink net

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