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Suggestions for the Installer (regarding network installs)

Recently, I installed the Fedora beta on my laptop to replace Debian
unstable, and since I'm not going to download 3 ISO's on my 128kbit
connection, I decided to try the netinstall using the 4MB boot.iso.

It seems as if the netinstall function is only there as an afterthought
(or maybe I'm just used to Debian).
Instead of a 4MB boot CD that has to download the installer itself, a
dedicated Fedora Netinstall CD (~100-150MB) that has the graphical
installer and perhaps a minimal file system on it would be really
helpful for those that don't want to get all 3 CD's.

Having to enter the FTP mirror details by hand isn't especially user
friendly either, and it doesn't really fit together with the rest of the
Fedora installer, which is excellent.

Also, would it be possible to do a netinstall of rawhide directly,
instead of having to first install the latest beta/release and then
upgrading to it? I'm a software version junky. ;)

Enough ramblings for now.


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