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Re: Suggestions for the Installer (regarding network installs)

Le dim 12/10/2003 à 11:12, Stephan Windischmann a écrit :
> Recently, I installed the Fedora beta on my laptop to replace Debian
> unstable, and since I'm not going to download 3 ISO's on my 128kbit
> connection, I decided to try the netinstall using the 4MB boot.iso.
> It seems as if the netinstall function is only there as an afterthought
> (or maybe I'm just used to Debian).

Netinstall is *old*. It's used by the kind of people who deeply despise
gfx effects so there has not been many calls to "enhance" it I think.

> Instead of a 4MB boot CD that has to download the installer itself, a
> dedicated Fedora Netinstall CD (~100-150MB) that has the graphical
> installer and perhaps a minimal file system on it would be really
> helpful for those that don't want to get all 3 CD's.

I have a foggy memory of it only needing a few floppies in RH 5.2 time

> Having to enter the FTP mirror details by hand isn't especially user
> friendly either, and it doesn't really fit together with the rest of the
> Fedora installer, which is excellent.

This means you can use your own local intranet ftp serveur for network
installations, which is good(tm). How would you do it with debian ?

> Also, would it be possible to do a netinstall of rawhide directly,
> instead of having to first install the latest beta/release and then
> upgrading to it? I'm a software version junky. ;)

I think in theory you might, in the real world it's always a good idea
to start with a working system before rawhidizing it;). (don't be fooled
by rawhide current state - it's always gentler at beta time)


Nicolas Mailhot

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