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Fedora and RedHat's autism toward personal users

Probably because RedHat thought that personal users wouldn't buy
support it has ever tended to neglect them: let's remember
the good old times where RedHat ignored dial-up users and assumed
everyone was on Ethernet. :-)
In RedHat 9 we still have no tools to configure ADSL modems on USB
and it still does not provide for masquerading.  Software selection
also tends to be quite austere.

Since Fedora is a community project and doesn't have the same
constraints than RedHat (make PAYING users happy or bankrupt) I
think it would be time to pay more attention to personal users 
through solving their specific problems (see above) and with a sexier,
funnier software selection.  One of this would be Blender.   Also take
a look at what is included in Mandrake

BTW I am NOT for advocating for including every piece of cr.p, like
Debian does (in an ideal world Feddora would include only one program
for a task: the best one, in real world it is more complex) and I am
quite conscious that it is not possible to cover every need in world.   

Jean Francois Martinez <jfm512 free fr>

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