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Re: Fedora and RedHat's autism toward personal users

Le dim 12/10/2003 à 22:25, Jean Francois Martinez a écrit :
> On Sun, 2003-10-12 at 18:55, Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> > Le dim 12/10/2003 à 16:40, Jean Francois Martinez a écrit :
> > 
> > > BTW I am NOT for advocating for including every piece of cr.p, like
> > > Debian does (in an ideal world Feddora would include only one program
> > > for a task: the best one, in real world it is more complex) and I am
> > > quite conscious that it is not possible to cover every need in world. 
> > 
> > Just allow only well-packaged software in the repository and people
> > won't bother packaging crap (since crap is usually more difficult to
> > package properly)
> >  
> Not necessarily.  I was thinking in the web servers in an old Debian.

But often yes. 

Postfix for example is archetypal of a program that's a pleasure to
secure, use, configure *and* build/package


> When you put six programs for the same task you end noticing 1) that 
> after a time some of them are no longer maintained:

ie they're not worthy enough for someone to package them correctly
-> just kick them out until someone repackages a current version.

That's evolution at work.

(and I'm not advocating this for RH, obviously RH ES will only include
selected components, but for a volunteer/community project like Fedora
the only road to go and stay in should be package quality. You can write
all the roadmaps you want people will work on what they're interested in

Users will have to change whether you keep one or twenty apps in the
repository -> see the one true Gnome WM saga, which was enlightement,
then sawfish, and now metacity.


Nicolas Mailhot

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