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Re: Fedora and RedHat's autism toward personal users

On Sun, 2003-10-12 at 23:50, Alan Cox wrote:
> > But you can only run one web server or mail server at once (at least on
> > the standard ports), and it makes sense to limit the number of this type
> > of packages.
> In many cases that simply isnt true - the feature set of products is very 
> varied and you need to match features to those you need.

Linus has said his main job was to say NO since every new feature forces
the kernel people to have to cope with it in the future.

There is nothing wrong with having dozens of web servers in an
"everything for web serving" repository but in Fedora Core that is
another thing: because of the drawbacks I mentioned you have to think in
how useful are the features of teh additional program, how many people
BADLY need them, how active is the maintenance of the program.  And once
you have thought about it you have to think again and again.

Jean Francois Martinez <jfm512 free fr>

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