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Re: Fedora and RedHat's autism toward personal users

> There is nothing wrong with having dozens of web servers in an
> "everything for web serving" repository but in Fedora Core that is
> another thing: because of the drawbacks I mentioned you have to think in
> how useful are the features of teh additional program, how many people
> BADLY need them, how active is the maintenance of the program.  And once
> you have thought about it you have to think again and again.

Linux is a program and not a collection. It does include lots of sound
drivers, lots of disk drivers etc because there is a need to.

To take another example - which should we throw out of fedora core
vi or emacs .... Clearly the answer is neither.

I do broadly agree with you however. In the case of apache we have a 
web server which does everything in the generic web serving space.

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