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Re: GCC-3.3 and OO.org

Dan Williams wrote:

OOo 1.1 packages shipped from Red Hat ship with Java support disabled,
since Red Hat does not ship the Sun JDK or JRE.  I use patches from the
Debian project to accomplish this.  Most anything relating to Java in
OOo (ie DocBook XML filters, JDBC support, etc) will not work as

I'm not sure what parts of OO.org need java, but I wasn't talkingabout JDBC in linux.

On Fri, 2003-10-10 at 15:19, Thomas Dodd wrote:
far. I'm having some trouble with ODBC/MySQL though I see the same problem in Solaris with the OO.org build.

Interesting I don't have problems using JDBC in Solaris (other than speed :( ) or ODBC in Win98 and Excel (97 I think).
Time to get back on the OO.org lists...

Notice MySQL+ODBC is problematic on Solaris too. This is with an OO.org build and Sun's JVM configured. The Solaris setup works fine with JDBC, but not ODBC.

In linux, using the FC build of OOo1.1, I'm having trouble with MySQL+ODBC as well. I haven't tried JDBC yet.

Win98+Excel97+ODBC+MySQL works fine though. I think I'll try OOo1.1 on Win98 to see if it's OOo1.1 + ODBC or the unixODBC+MySQL combination.

Strange thing is, ODBC appears to be OK. Using isql, everything functions fine.

I'm wondering if what the real difference in using ODBC in OOo and the MySQL driver is. Both appear to to use ODBC and odbc.ini to locate the data.

The problem on Solaris is speed. Using JDBC takes for ever. The mysql:odbc driver takes a long time to fail, same for just using odbc the odbc interface. Win98+Excel+ODBC (SunPCI card w/ K6 and 64MB ram) is much faster.

I did some testing while writing this. Now I can use the datasources in linux. I just have to setup queries, and use them. Either ODBC or MySQL works this way. But I still cannot select a table in the data sources veiw and see the columns in a give table. It is faster than Solaris though.


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