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Re: GCC-3.3 and OO.org


You may try mailing to users dba openoffice org or
dev dba openoffice org since that's where the Sun OOo database engineers
hang out.


On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 14:10, Thomas Dodd wrote:
> Dan Williams wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > OOo 1.1 packages shipped from Red Hat ship with Java support disabled,
> > since Red Hat does not ship the Sun JDK or JRE.  I use patches from the
> > Debian project to accomplish this.  Most anything relating to Java in
> > OOo (ie DocBook XML filters, JDBC support, etc) will not work as
> > expected.
> I'm not sure what parts of OO.org need java, but I wasn't talkingabout 
> JDBC in linux.
> > On Fri, 2003-10-10 at 15:19, Thomas Dodd wrote:
> >>far. I'm having some trouble with ODBC/MySQL though I see the same 
> >>problem in Solaris with the OO.org build.
> >>
> >>Interesting I don't have problems using JDBC in Solaris (other than 
> >>speed :( ) or ODBC in Win98 and Excel (97 I think).
> >>Time to get back on the OO.org lists...
> Notice MySQL+ODBC is problematic on Solaris too.
> This is with an OO.org build and Sun's JVM configured.
> The Solaris setup works fine with JDBC, but not ODBC.
> In linux, using the FC build of OOo1.1, I'm having trouble with 
> MySQL+ODBC as well. I haven't tried JDBC yet.
> Win98+Excel97+ODBC+MySQL works fine though. I think I'll try OOo1.1 on 
> Win98 to see if it's OOo1.1 + ODBC or the unixODBC+MySQL combination.
> Strange thing is, ODBC appears to be OK. Using isql, everything 
> functions fine.
> I'm wondering if what the real difference in using ODBC in OOo and the 
> MySQL driver is. Both appear to to use ODBC and odbc.ini to locate the data.
> The problem on Solaris is speed. Using JDBC takes for ever. The 
> mysql:odbc driver takes a long time to fail, same for just using odbc 
> the odbc interface. Win98+Excel+ODBC (SunPCI card w/ K6 and 64MB ram) is 
> much faster.
> I did some testing while writing this. Now I can use the datasources in 
> linux. I just have to setup queries, and use them. Either ODBC or MySQL 
> works this way. But I still cannot select a table in the data sources 
> veiw and see the columns in a give table. It is faster than Solaris though.
> 	-Thomas
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