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Re: Graphical boot issues: a.o. graphical boot twice slower thentext boot!!!

On Tue, 14 Oct 2003, Bill Nottingham wrote:

> Behdad Esfahbod (behdad cs toronto edu) said:
> > > keymaps are loaded in rc.sysinit already.
> >
> > Now that you are talking about rc.sysinit, I recall that on my
> > laptop, I have just a few services to start, say less than five,
> > and most of the boot time is by rc.sysinit, I can hack
> > /etc/rc.d/rc to load services in parallel o some other thing, but
> > rc.sysinit is much harder to hack to load faster, so what's the
> > point in moving stuff there?
> It makes more sense to have things associated with system
> boot there, as opposed to presenting them as a 'service'.

Makes sense.

> There's nothing to prevent breaking up rc.sysinit into rcS.d
> (or similar) and parallelizing it, though. It's a simple matter
> of code. :)

Thanks for the idea.  It makes it manageable too.  When's the
current initscripts schema going change?  From the traffic here
about MessageBus and other things, seems that it would be a major
switch in some step.  If it's not for FC2, hacking the current rc
stuff seems reasonable.

> Bill

who is going to study after finishing this mail.

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