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Re: FriBidi needed?

Answering myself:
in abiword-2.0.0/abi/ac-helpers/abi-fribidi.m4 it says:

        echo "Note: Don't use the fribidi source which is sometimes"
        echo "      included with AbiWord since that version is for"
        echo "      Windows only."


On Tue, 14 Oct 2003, it was written:

> Hi all,
> AFAIK fribidi is included in FC as AbiWord requires it, but just
> now I found that abiword SRPM contains a copy of the fribidi it
> needs.  So is there any other reason for it to be in?  I'm asking
> it because fribidi is going to have a major release which is not
> ABI compatible, so if there's no reason for the inclusion, I (as
> the maintainer) prefer it not to be.
> behdad,
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who is going to study after finishing this mail.

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