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Re: [RFC] Better font filetype and metadata file detection for xfsinitscript

> >How do other systems, especially OS-X handle it?
> You'll have to ask Apple I guess.


OS X handles it quite well and quite transparently.  However, it's also
not built to do the network operations X11 is, so that's one thing X11
has over OS X if you're into things like that.  But you can share fonts
using ASIP, SMB, NFS, etc.

In any case, here's a quick breakdown:

ATS Server: The ATS client communicates directly to the ATS server,
which is a separate process. The ATS server maintains the font database
and performs such tasks as activating and deactivating fonts, supplying
glyph outline data, and obtaining information from font tables.

-- worth noting that clients (applications or higher-level frameworks
like Cocoa/Carbon) never really access font tables directly, nor do they
ever really _need_ to have access to the font file itself.

Font locations:
~/Library/Fonts - fonts specific for a user
/Library/Fonts   - fonts for all users on the local machine
/System/Library/Fonts - core system fonts and never altered
/Network/Library/Fonts - network shared fonts

Applications can also receive notifications of font
activation/deactivation so they know to update their font menus or font

Its a fairly clean system, deals with almost all types of fonts
transparently, and of course it can use the TrueType hinting since Apple
has these "patents".


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