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Re: [RFC] Better font filetype and metadata file detection for xfsinitscript

Mike A. Harris wrote:
On Fri, 10 Oct 2003, Thomas Dodd wrote:

xfs is "deprecated" in the sense that all new applications will be using the new Xft/fontconfig infrastructure, and I had this

I'm curious about that. With out xfs, how do I share fonts between machines?

Use xfs if you need it. Or, use NFS or SMB.

As a user I can 'xset +fp <blah>; xset fp rehash'. I cannot export/mount filesystems.

External package is needed. Be it a script or a C program.
When you make the decision to create it, make version fro the systems you plan to continue supporting. So there's the RHL8, RHL9, and FC-x versions, that understand the differences in each setup. Using nonstandard X,GNOME, and such on those systems are unsupportable any way, so If I update my RHL8 system to act like FC1, it's up to me to fix the font installation program. Since the support of older systems is based on your kindness, you set the rules of such support.

We simply don't drop new development of that type into older distribution releases. Security fixes and major bugfixes only. Anything "new" goes into rawhide.

I said you set the rules:)


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