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TV and radio apps

Probably too late to include them in the upcoming release, but perhaps
nice to consider for other future releases:

Currently, the functions of radio and TV/analog video player are covered
by xawtv. There are quite a few shortcomings of this package. Perhaps
better replacements would be:

- tvtime http://tvtime.sourceforge.net/
Has filtering abilities. Can deinterlace the image, hence the image
quality is so much higher (no more interlacing artifacts). Has a nicer
and more clever interface. Even searching for new channels is far easier
and it's a full-GUI task (well, not exactly a classic GUI, but
everything happens right on the display, like many TVs and standalone
DVD players do). Generally, a lot more flexible, powerful and feature
Main quality: the image is far better than with xawtv.
Main drawback: can't find any.

- gqradio http://gqmpeg.sourceforge.net/radio.html
Has an interface that makes sense. Can do autoseek. You can label the
stations. Everything is GUI-able. On the eye-candy side, it has skins.
Main quality: at least has a GUI. :-)
Main drawback: it's a GUI app. :-)

Florin Andrei


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