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Re: Yo.

On Tuesday 14 October 2003 16:32, Oden Eriksson wrote:
> Am I wrong?
> Is this a hostile place?

Not really hostile.  Some folks don't always engage brain before 
speaking/typing (I have done this a time or two) but on the whole this is a 
friendly group trying to get the best product we can.

Admittedly, this effort is Red Hat oriented and I am all for their succeeding 
(I do own a few shares of stock).  The Red Hat folks I have had dealings with 
were all very professional.  Yes, sometimes things can get a bit testy but 
everyone is trying to do it "right".

When Red Hat found that their process of producing a "Retail Linux" was not 
producing sufficient $$ (and this is important because all companies are in 
the business of making money or they will not exist in the long run), they 
are trying to come up with a new model of doing business (The Fedora Project) 
which will benefit both Red Hat and the Open Source (Linux) community.

I suggest you might want to "lurk" for a while on both this (the devel) and 
the test mailing lists before jumping in.  You might also want to look at the 
archives of these lists to see what has gone before.

The whole fedora thing is still in a state of flux and Red Hat (and others) 
are trying to figure out how to do things ... how to handling packages in 
Alternatives, in Extras, in Legacy, etc ... just what is Legacy and how will 
it fit/work with the Fedora Core ... does Lagacy include old (unsupported) 
releases of Red Hat Linux ... etc., etc.
Gene C.

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