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Re: Redhat-Config-XFree86

On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 06:21:18PM -0700, Matt Jones wrote:
> Hi - The dual head support doesn't seem to work for me (i'm on a toshiba
> satellite 1405-s151 laptop) via redhat-config-xfree86. Whenever I
> restart my X server, it merely clones my X screen onto my external
> monitor. Looking at my logs, it shows TRIDENT(0) as picking up both
> monitors. Should this be happening? I'm assuming that TRIDENT(0) should
> only be detecting the lcd, and that TRIDENT(1) should pick up the
> monitor.

I don't think that the external video port on most laptops can do
dual-head in the way that true dual-head video cards can (or machines
that have more than one video card).  

Even if you configured the file by hand, I don't think it would be
possible to do Xinerama on your laptop for the LCD and an external


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