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Re: How can I get more involved???

Hi Brian and thank you for your help!

You may find this useful:

If you like GTK in C too, you can find gnome requests here:
You might want to search for bugs with keywords easy-fix (attach patches
for them) or path (verify the patches, make improvements if necesary and
notify the maintainer that it works and should be checked in cvs).

You can get involved in projects using Python and pyGTK by finding them
by programming language on freshmeat.net and sf.net , e.g.
Getting involved means subscribing to devel mailing lists, using that
application (from CVS usually) and start improving it (coordinating with
other developers as you do it). You can add features you'd like too
have, and therefore "scratch your own itch".
Here's a summary of ideas and link to The Cathedral and the Bazaar:

Happy hacking!
Marius Andreiana
LOAD - Linux Open Alternative Days
Specialist Linux, Co-organizator

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