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Re: Yo.

tisdagen den 14 oktober 2003 22.38 skrev seth vidal:

> where are your interests? You said you were working with mandrake some
> and didn't like where things were going - where were things going? what
> is it that you didn't like? What is it that you do like? What things can
> you do?
> In order to answer your question persuasively I'll need to know a bit
> more about you.


My interests are non gui applications, server and security applications 
mainly. The mdk focus seems to be rather ship a game than a nice server 
application, I simply hate games. I'm maintaining hundreds of mdk packages in 
contribs and maybe up to 10 in main. I'm the one responsible for mdk to have 
a total of 113 apache2 modules, this has taken me about 1,5 years. I do not 
write code at all nor am I a unix guru, but I usually find a way to solve 
problems anyhow, if I can't fix it I ask for help, I give credit, I fix it, 
simple. I'm nearing 40yo. I'm a doer.

Visit my status page regarding apache2 here:


I recently started to look into IDN (International domain names) for mdk and 
patched glibc with libidn support and also patched bind with idnkit support 
(I got no responce from mdk, but everyone could be on vacation...). This 
basically means this is a start towards IDN, not the solution as all 
applications using gethostby* needs to be patched (for example ping) to 
support IDN. Bind on the other hand, well actually host, nslookup and dig can 
do IDN. I believe any name server can do IDN. KDE 3.2.x will have support for 
IDN using libidn, or possibly a patched glibc. Mozilla 1.4 supports IDN.

Sweden (where I live, well to be specific I live in a small town named 
"Jokkmokk" way up in the north.) is the first country in Europe to implement 
IDN on the top level TLD dot SE. Read about it here:


I have been doing (OpenSource) research for a long time and have fiddled a lot 
with rpm packages, maybe for five years now. I like this.


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