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Re: Yo.

tisdagen den 14 oktober 2003 23.06 skrev Gene C.:
> On Tuesday 14 October 2003 16:32, Oden Eriksson wrote:
> > Am I wrong?
> >
> > Is this a hostile place?
> Not really hostile.  Some folks don't always engage brain before
> speaking/typing (I have done this a time or two) but on the whole this is a
> friendly group trying to get the best product we can.
> Admittedly, this effort is Red Hat oriented and I am all for their
> succeeding (I do own a few shares of stock).  The Red Hat folks I have had
> dealings with were all very professional.  Yes, sometimes things can get a
> bit testy but everyone is trying to do it "right".
> When Red Hat found that their process of producing a "Retail Linux" was not
> producing sufficient $$ (and this is important because all companies are in
> the business of making money or they will not exist in the long run), they
> are trying to come up with a new model of doing business (The Fedora
> Project) which will benefit both Red Hat and the Open Source (Linux)
> community.
> I suggest you might want to "lurk" for a while on both this (the devel) and
> the test mailing lists before jumping in.  You might also want to look at
> the archives of these lists to see what has gone before.
> The whole fedora thing is still in a state of flux and Red Hat (and others)
> are trying to figure out how to do things ... how to handling packages in
> Alternatives, in Extras, in Legacy, etc ... just what is Legacy and how
> will it fit/work with the Fedora Core ... does Lagacy include old
> (unsupported) releases of Red Hat Linux ... etc., etc.

Thank you very much for this explanation, looks good, sounds sound.

I will lurk awhile and see what's up.

No one at mandrake or at the community wiki has thought about supporting EOL 
products this way. I like that idea.

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