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Re: RPM problem: prereq: <file> not honored in upgrade ordering?

Pekka Savola wrote:

> Basically, yes.  Precisely, it calls 'rpm -Uvh --nodeps'

--nodeps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

should you expect correct package ordering...if --nodeps is used?

if you aren't checking dependancies when doing the package
upgrade/install....HOW does rpm know to order a packagelist a certain
way...using --nodeps argument you tell rpm to ignore dependancy
issues...im actually shocked autoupdate doesn't break all the time.

if autoupdate is using --nodeps to install packages...that is pretty
much going to shortcircuit whatever care rpm takes with resolving
dependancies...including installation ordering. if autoupdate is using
--nodeps, then i say its pretty much a problem with autoupdate and not
rpm...and therefore very very much off topic to any fedora discussion or
red hat linux discussion since autoupdate is a 3rd party tool outside of
the distro.

Using --nodeps is not wise, unless you know what you are doing. And I
certaintly don't think an automatic tool should be using --nodeps. 

--jef"Smokey the Bear says: Prevent dependancy breakage, don't use    

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