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Re: Mime types, icons and .desktop files

On Fri, 2003-10-17 at 08:05, gemi bluewin ch wrote:
> The mime-info database misses a lot of mime types.
> Also most third-party applications don't come
> with .desktop files and their corresponding
> icons (For example I use Mathematica and Maple
> and had to create .desktop files and mime-types
> myself).
> I propose therefore that there be an entry
> form on Fedora home page where people can
> submit this information.

I would hope users first try getting upstream to fix these problems. 
.desktop files are now standard across all desktop environments, so
upstream authors only ever need to write one.  MIME types are also
standard (or int he process of being standardized, anyways) and are easy
to "auto-plug" in.

Yes, *if* the upstream folks are dinks and won't fix it, distro hacks
would be necessary, but 'twould be nice to fix the problem at the
'source' if possible.  ;-)

> There could also be a program like appfinder,
> that looks if there are applications installed
> that it knows about and then installs the
> corresponding .desktop files into
> /usr/share/applications
> Regards,
> Gérard
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