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Re: rsync and rawhide

On Fri, 2003-10-17 at 10:54, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Chris Ricker (kaboom gatech edu) said: 
> > Now that the fedora process is opening up development a bit more, I suspect 
> > more people are frequently downloading rawhide. Has there been any thought 
> > about making it available usably over rsync?
> Some of the mirrors that mirror it may make it available over rsync.

I think you snipped the most important part of Chris's message.  While
the current repository is indeed available over rsync at various
mirrors, it is not very useable.  This is because the filenames change
for each new RPM posted, so rsync downloads a completely new file.

If the rsync tree was built into ISOs, or some other larger archive
files that could be loopback-mounted, it would be a better situation for
rsync.  It can then check for differences in the old and new versions
and only download the differences. 


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