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Re: [RFC] Better font filetype and metadata file detection for xfsinitscript

Mike A. Harris wrote:
configuration tools however, so this is very theoretical.

Yes, ment to be. But you as maintainer of the packages have the right to remove cruft. Announce it's going away, and that "this" is the new way.

If somone doesn't fix their stuff, it's _their_ fault, not yours.
Put you foot down. :)
I'd rather you fix this stuff, and piss people off, than be nice, and continue with the legacy crap.

2) In many cases, people use them simply because they don't know

Those are the tools mentioned in the documentation for XF86 though.

People who report bugs in specific XFree86 documentation referencing the tools which we have disabled, I'd be glad to fix with future documentation updates. It'd even be a useful idea

Next time I see one, I'll file a bug then.

for someone to file a "container" bug which says something like "Update XFree86 documentation to refer to redhat-config-xfree86 everywhere instead of the XFree86 supplied tools." Then when

That sounds like a job for the documentation people.


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