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Re: rsync and rawhide

Le ven 17/10/2003 à 17:59, Kevin Fenzi a écrit :

> Ah, there they are... called 'patch rpms'.
> From:
> http://www.suse.com/us/private/download/updates/90_i386.html
> "New: Patch RPMs


> Something like this would be very handy for keeping up with rawhide,
> saving redhat bandwith, and making more people use it as it became
> smaller/faster/easer to do. 

As someone who's been using rawhide for years I'd hate it if I had to
track all those small package bits. The joy of an rpm system is that
package units are self-contained (not some sort of patch layer
sedimentation impossible to process by a human being).

Whatever delta comparison goes on should be done at the download
protocol layer (rsync...) not at the package level.


Nicolas Mailhot

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