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Re: Better packaging for older hardware?

Mike A. Harris wrote:
> ...
> What's funny though, is that for XFree86 packaging at least, 
> every single sub package consumes at least a minimum of 150-200Kb 
> each on your hard disk, even if the package were to contain zero 
> files.  This is because the rpm spec file changelog is stored in 
> the rpm database once per installed package (instead of merging 
> and refcounting, unless this has changed and I'm wrong now), so 
> any subpackage that isn't at least 400-500Kb or more in size 
> argueably is *wasting* space and should be merged into a 
> different subpackage.  ;o)
> Someone out there is now no doubt multiplying the size of the 
> changelog by the number of subpackages and calculating the total 
> wasted disk space in the rpm database when XFree86 is installed.  
> If not, it'll likely be something to the effect of:
> $ rpm -q --changelog $(rpm -qa |grep ^XFree86) |wc -c
> 4433085
> Or roughly 4.5Mb of your RPM database files is XFree86 
> changelogs.  Wowsers.  ;o)

Not a complaint, but why did they/you move changelogs from the doc
directory into the RPM database?  It doesn't seem like a very necessary

A: Because we read from top to bottom, left to right.
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