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Re: Better packaging for older hardware?

> As some of you may already know, the RULE project (see my signature)
> works to make the latest stable release of Red Hat useable on very
> low end hardware (i386+ 16 MB+ RAM, 3/400 MB hard disks).

Some of us know yes. Its what I used to install RH9 on a 486 with 24Mb of
RAM 8)

> I refer to building:
> 1) kdrive RPMs whenever the XFree86 ones are updated.

As I understand it keiths current kdrive XFree is very much split from
the base XFree project now because XFree86 threw him out.

> 2) i386 kernel RPMs, possibly tweaked for low RAM.

386/486 kernel RPMs make sense but you probably also want to think
about that as a seperate kernel with less options selected and without the
more high end tuning Red Hat has. 
> fedora RPMs to install (just as an example!!!) ONLY Kmail (or
> sylpheed), Gnumeric or KOffice, Konqueror... without any other
> applications and/or the most advanced/cool features of Gnome and
> KDE. On plain X or Kdrive with only Qt / Gtk and a basic WM like Ice
> or blackbox.

Stuff like Rox instead of nautilus etc you mnean ?


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