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Re: Repository feature proposal

On Sun, Oct 19, 2003 at 08:23:40AM -0400, Alan Cox wrote:
> > Now, my idea is to create some sort of file format describing the
> > repository, that can be "imported" by the software management program
> > (up2date/r-c-packages). That way, you can publish one such repository
> > description file on your website, that users download an import (or even
> > open directly from in the browser),  and then all your software can be
> > accessed from the same management tool. Perhaps one could create
> > "repository rpms", similar to how public GPG keys are imported and
> > stored in the rpm db? 
> An "application/x-yum-repository" file format which mozilla knew how to
> feed to a simple app would certainly be nice.
> You'd still need a simple management tool as you say - so people can remove
> them, but "click here to add Nethack" is a nice interface 8)

  May I suggest using an XML file format [1] ? In that case adding 
a "+xml" suffix to the Mime-Type is a good idea (c.f. RFC 3023).
There is also some work on-going to define XML description of packages.


[1] mostly for I18N support and extensibility for the format

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