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Re: Repository feature proposal

> > An "application/x-yum-repository" file format which mozilla knew how to
> > feed to a simple app would certainly be nice.
> > 
> > You'd still need a simple management tool as you say - so people can remove
> > them, but "click here to add Nethack" is a nice interface 8)
> > 
> IMO, the main problem would be that you need root privileges to modify
> yum sources, don't you ? But Mozilla could as well launch a
> gnome-su-type application...

The repository management would be integrated to up2date-config (or
perhaps r-c-packages), where you could list, edit and remove
repositories - edit /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources basically.

This would fit repositories falling into the "3:rd party" category of
the Fedora project quite well, I think. Especially now that up2date
supports both apt, yum and up2date repositories.

Instead of "download this file, double click it to start installation,
click next, next, next, finish", you'd have "click here to import
repository, then locate 'Nethack' under Amusement/Games in the Software
Manager, click install". Slightly different, but comparably
user-friendly. And you get the benefits of automatic updates and
consistent installation that I mentioned earlier.


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