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Re: Repository feature proposal

Alan Cox wrote:
Now, my idea is to create some sort of file format describing the
repository, that can be "imported" by the software management program
(up2date/r-c-packages). That way, you can publish one such repository
description file on your website, that users download an import (or even
open directly from in the browser),  and then all your software can be
accessed from the same management tool. Perhaps one could create
"repository rpms", similar to how public GPG keys are imported and
stored in the rpm db? 

An "application/x-yum-repository" file format which mozilla knew how to
feed to a simple app would certainly be nice.

You'd still need a simple management tool as you say - so people can remove
them, but "click here to add Nethack" is a nice interface 8)

To do so is trivial, of course.  We need to have a nice app for people to use, of cource.  Once that happens it's pretty easy to make an application mapping for Mozilla to use.


Christopher Blizzard

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