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Gnome System Tools toughts


I came across the announcement of a new version of Gnome System Tools (a project lead by Ximian) a few days ago. They resemble the redhat config tools quite a bit, though they have only have 5 tools up to now (not really production ready according to the website but still)

# Users and groups
# Date and time
# Network configuration
# Bootloaders
# Runlevels

See: http://www.gnome.org/projects/gst/index.html
The nice thing is that the front end (The GUI) is distribution independent and the backend (configuration files etc.) are distribution dependent.

Just some thoughts/questions.

Wouldn't it be better for RedHat, SuSE, Debian etc. to just join this effort. It's a lot more effective then every distro provider making their own tools. (I see that there's maybe an issue for KDE users)

Are there any initiatives to have a standard of configuration files, which are used by all providers. I heard of LSB, but it seems to me they do not standardise configuration files.


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