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Re: Repository feature proposal

>  <mirrorset>
>   <provider>Red Hat</provider>
>   <description> ....
>   </description>
>   <mirror url="ftp://ftp.redhat.com/....";
>           arch="x86"
>           every="3h"/>
>   <mirror url="rsync://opteronium.redhat.com/...."
>           arch="opteronium"
>           every="24h"/>
>   ....
>   <mirror url="http://sources.redhat.com/....";
>           arch="src"
>           every="3h"/>
>  </mirrorset>
let me say now, for the record, branding a channel/repo as only for one
arch is a bad bad bad bad bad idea.

you will get into far more trouble here than any other place as pkg
coloring becomes more obvious/prevalent.

Also - what you're describing above appears to be configuration ABOUT a
repository - rather than purely descriptive of a repository.

I think repository information that will be on a server shouldn't have
too much prescriptive information.

also - the mirroring information is tricky b/c most mirrors won't know
about the other ones - mirroring information is probably best left OUT
of the information for any one repository.


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