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yum/apt/up2date + distributed dependencies

Since up2date now supports multiple repositories, this opens a question
in my mind:  what happens when you have distributed dependencies?

Here's a specific (though partially contrived) example:

- Install xmms-42.0 from Fedora Core
- Install xmms-mp3-42.0 from freshrpms because you live in a jurisdiction
  where you are legally able to do so

What happens when Fedora Core releases xmms-42.1?

FC doesn't include xmms-mp3, but xmms-mp3 depends on xmms. Hence, the
upgrade of xmms will fail so as not to break xmms-mp3.

Beyond that, suppose that freshrpms does release xmms-mp3-42.1. In this
case, up2date COULD resolve the dependency and complete the upgrade -- but
to do so it would have to resolve dependencies across two different
repositories. Is it able to do so?  (This XMMS example is the first one that
came to my mind, but it is easy to imagine more sinister dependency trees.)

Before I go exploring this in depth, I figured I'd ask the list. This issue seems like it could become more relevant later, as Fedora Extras repositories begin to proliferate.

Any comments appreciated; apologies if this has been covered before.

- Dan Morrill

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