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Re: yum/apt/up2date + distributed dependencies

Le lun 20/10/2003 à 14:25, Dan Morrill a écrit :
> Since up2date now supports multiple repositories, this opens a question
> in my mind:  what happens when you have distributed dependencies?
> Here's a specific (though partially contrived) example:
> - Install xmms-42.0 from Fedora Core
> - Install xmms-mp3-42.0 from freshrpms because you live in a jurisdiction
>    where you are legally able to do so
> What happens when Fedora Core releases xmms-42.1?
> FC doesn't include xmms-mp3, but xmms-mp3 depends on xmms. Hence, the
> upgrade of xmms will fail so as not to break xmms-mp3.

On an apt system apt will most likely warn you updating xmms requires
the removal of xmms-mp3.


Nicolas Mailhot

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