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Re: rawhide report: 20031021 changes

On Tue, 2003-10-21 at 07:35, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> Just a suggestion....   These emails are useful, but they could 
> be greatly improved upon IMHO.  It appears that when a package 
> gets updated, it's complete changelog, or a large portion of it 
> gets sent out in the emails, the majority of which is ancient 
> information from as far back as 1999, which only blurs the actual 
> useful information of what has changed.  I suggest that the 
> changelogs are trimmed to only include the relevant changes since 
> the last rawhide push, or if that's too difficult to implement, 
> just include the last 2-4 changelog entries so that the most 
> relevant and recent changes are shown only.

This has been brought up before, and the relevant snippets are being
sent.  However we are still seeing some packages for the first time in
this system, so their entire changelogs are being sent.  And then there
is anaconda, which I think is causing the system heartburn, as its
changelog hasn't been updated in ages and does not contain any EVR

So, yes, I fully support sending only changelog diffs, but I think that
is the current intent.


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